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We’re a simple movie review site. We don’t want to know who you are. We don’t want to know where you live.

We do, however, love comments to our features and encourage you, the visitor, to open a dialogue with your fellow movie-loving peers. But because of spammers and bots and other nefarious denizens of the world wide web, we do require a name and email address be entered when a comment is being submitted. We can assure you at no time will this information be published, sold to a 3rd party or used in any way not consistent with the accepted norms of a civilized society. Basically, that means you may get an update from us that:

a) Highlights a new comment on a thread you previously commented on
b) Recommends you check out an awesome new post from us
c) Begs you to be our friend on the latest social sharing network of the month

Also, as a basic consequence of surfing the web, a browser cookie may attach itself to you logging such things as your IP address and browsing habits while on which may be used to serve targeted ads to you. You can opt out of this by doing several of the below:

a) Denying cookies from in your browser settings
b) Visiting this page and manually opting-out
c) Using an anonymizing program

Obviously, this policy can change at any time, therefore, we recommend you check this page from time to time to ensure that you are fine with any changes should they occur. If you find something objectionable or need further clarification about your privacy, please send a message to us through our contact page.

This privacy policy is in effect as of today.

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