The Boy (2016) by The Critical Movie Critics

Movie Review: The Boy (2016)

There are very few horror movie theater going trips that stick with me as incredible experiences. “Paranormal Activity” floored me with its outstanding ability to silence a packed theater, bringing to reality the idiom, “You could cut the tension with a knife.” The surprise ending of “Saw” thrilled me so much, I went to see…

Painkillers (2015) by The Critical Movie Critics

Movie Review: Painkillers (2015)

The last thing Major John Cafferty (Tahmoh Penikett, “Man of Steel”) remembers is running with his Special Forces squad through a cave tunnel in Afghanistan trying to escape . . . something. When he wakes up in a hospital bed, however, he can’t remember how he got there, or what happened in Afghanistan. The orderlies…

The 5th Wave (2016) by The Critical Movie Critics

Movie Review: The 5th Wave (2016)

“I miss the Cassie I was. I wonder what that Cassie would think of me now — the Cassie who kills.” The introductory voiceover for The 5th Wave is certainly not typical of your run-of-the-mill PG-13 fare, but unfortunately, that’s where the non-similarities end. The first act of the film introduces Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace…

Wrecker (2015) by The Critical Movie Critics

Movie Review: Wrecker (2015)

On a sunny drive through the desert, Emily (Anna Hutchison, “The Cabin in the Woods”) and Lesley (Andrea Whitburn, “Lonesome Dove Church”) chat about Emily’s boyfriend’s indiscretions and Lesley’s anticipation of a party weekend. They speed through twists and turns on a narrow roadway in their cherry red Mustang and joke that they’ll run out…

Anesthesia (2015) by The Critical Movie Critics

Movie Review: Anesthesia (2015)

Times are tough. These times I mean. Or rather, Tim Blake Nelson does, or seems to do in his Anesthesia. These are times of self-absorbing, self-imbibing, self-obsessed selfishness from which we’re constantly trying to tell ourselves apart — unwittingly remitting ourselves to the badlands of choice wherein our decisions continue to be ruled by self-interest…

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