Craig Roberts

Movie Review: Premature (2014)

The feature directorial debut of Dan Beers, Premature, doesn’t capture the complete or debaucherous high school experience like most of its raunch-fest predecessors (“American Pie,” “Superbad”) do, but the comedy is smart and in tune with a new generation of frustrated hornballs. At its heart is high school senior Rob (John Karna) and his world…

Movie Trailer: Red Lights (2012)

A teaser trailer for upcoming thriller Red Lights was made available today by Nostromo Pictures. In it, director Rodrigo Cortés (“Buried“) sets the stage for us to question all we know and believe with a few pointed statements and a sinister shot that captures Robert De Niro’s famous scowl. It’s enough to at least pique…

Movie Review: Submarine (2010)

Submarine is a story for grown-ups to remind us of the angst of being a teenager. It’s set in 1980’s Wales and is relayed to us in first-person narrative by 15 year old Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts). His two main concerns are, as he tells us, losing his virginity to his standoffish girlfriend Jordana (Yasmin…

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