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Movie Review: Project X (2012)

I’m college-aged, enjoy bad movies, and have a foul-mouth, therefore, I am the perfect candidate for Nima Nourizadeh’s Project X. At the same time, I’m potty-trained, and that makes me too sophisticated for it. Loosely based on an Australian house party where a teenager posted his address on MySpace, attracting over 500 people and causing…

Red Band Movie Trailer: Project X (2012)

Warner Bros. has dropped a red-band trailer for Project X today and the warning accompanying it is most definitely warranted. It glorifies drug use, underage drinking, unprotected sex and mass destruction of property. Sounds like a happening party to me too. But while it’ll take the end of the world to stop me from seeing…

Movie Trailer: Project X (2012)

I suppose it could be said that is was only a matter of time before Todd Phillips was going to set his “crude,” alcohol-fueled partying mind on teenaged subjects. He is, after all, the man behind such movies as “Old School” and “The Hangover” (which, if you recall, depicted grown-ups acting like drunken adolescents). Project…

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