Jim Broadbent

Movie Trailer: Cloud Atlas (2012)

The first full theatrical trailer for the Wachowskis’ (with Tom Tykwer) Cloud Atlas has arrived and as much as it dazzles it confuses. The story, adapted from a novel by David Mitchell, intertwines many story arcs that range from prehistoric times to millennia into the future all played by the same actors in differing (but…

Movie Review: The Iron Lady (2011)

The first major Hollywood effort to document Margaret Thatcher’s life made a strategic error. Instead of focusing on the “Iron Lady” kicking butt in the 1980s in the extremely male dominated arena of global politics, The Iron Lady instead chose to focus on Margaret’s mid-stage dementia with haphazard flashbacks to the major themes throughout her…

Movie Review: Arthur Christmas (2011)

Making a genuinely good, original Christmas movie is a difficult task in this day and age. Added to this, after Fred Claus, The Polar Express, The Santa Clause and other such motion pictures, it seems impossible to put another fresh spin on Santa Claus and his North Pole universe. Enter the British animation studio Aardman,…

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