Luis Guzmán

Movie Review: Fighting (2009)

With a name like Fighting, a movie had better come fully equipped with the goods. That means more bare-handed, mixed martial arts than should be allowed by law. That means more broken bones, cuts, abrasions and black eyes than I care to see. Instead, Dito Montiel directed an implausible, predictable movie that comes up short…

Movie Review: War (2007)

Didn’t Jet Li retire last year? I guess the allure of making mostly grand action movies is just too strong — just like the smell of chocolate is irresistible to a fat person — because he is back and kicking ass in War. This time, instead of being involved in some obscure Chinese tale (i.e.,…

Movie Review: Waiting . . . (2005)

With a few hours to kill during this long weekend (thanks MLK Jr.), I figured I’d sit back with a cold beer and watch a good old fashioned comedy. Waiting . . . is another movie based loosely off of the “Animal House,” “Office Space” mold. You can’t fuck up a movie like that! Or…

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