Minnie Driver

Movie Review: I Give It a Year (2013)

With Rose Byrne cast yet again in the role of uptight pretty girl and a premise involving marriage, audiences could be forgiven for thinking that writer/director Dan Mazer’s new film, I Give It a Year, was going to be another “Bridesmaids”-like comedy. Alas it is not (sadly), it’s more of a Frankenstein of genres —…

Movie Review: Barney’s Version (2010)

You’d think that January would be a month brimming with cinematic gems — a new year means new opportunities, in turn, allowing fresh talents to be inducted into the grand scheme of Hollywood. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case, and for any dignified film connoisseur, January is just the beginning of a cold and barren…

Movie Review: Conviction (2010)

I once had the misfortunate of watching a Lifetime television special and because of this I was forced to use a tampon for the rest of the week. Going one step further, Tony Goldwyn’s Conviction, which has been advertised as the perfect Oscar-bait, kicked me square in the balls and sent me straight to menopause….

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