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Movie Review: Lady of the Manor (2021)

Lady of the Manor marks Justin Long’s directorial debut after an illustrious career in many high-profile mid to late-2000s comedies. He co-directs the film with his brother Christian, who also makes his directorial debut. Together, they craft a rather middling and recycled comedy with . . . well . . . middling and recycled results….

Movie Review: Wish Upon (2017)

How to know if a tattered contraption is the harbinger of horror? Sense the way it affects reel people on real people. Commendable then is the Chinese musical wish box at the center of veteran genre cinematographer John R. Leonetti’s latest film where, after each of the lead’s wish is realized, a swath of our…

Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Riding through the sun-drenched Los Angeles, the charismatic defense attorney, Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey), immediately presents himself as someone you’d like to know in times of trouble . . . as long as you’ve got the dough to pay upfront. He’s a courtroom monster who has no problem talking his way out of defending a…

Movie Review: MacGruber (2010)

There must have been a reason why I found the initially positive response to director Jorma Taccone’s MacGruber so ominous. Perhaps it was the fact that Taccone’s past cinematic exploits only include an actor credit for Land of the Lost and Hot Rod but it’s more likely that I found the eight positive reviews on…

Movie Review: Breach (2007)

I remember almost like it was yesterday when the news flashed that a traitor to the United States, Robert Hanssen, was caught selling classified secrets to the USSR/Russia. I recall thinking, “why did it take so long to catch this scumbag” and “why would someone sell their country out?”. And what do you know, six…

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