Articles by Chris Sawin

The Critical Movie Critics

I've been a critic for about four years now. Joined the Houston Film Critics Society in August of 2010. I hope to become a Tomatometer critic for Rotten Tomatoes and a member of the Online Film Critics Society in the coming months.

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

13 years have passed since Alice first visited Wonderland. She was just a little girl back then — a mad, little girl plagued by a nightmare. Now, almost 20, Alice finds herself thrust headfirst into adulthood yet continues to have the same dream for as long as she can remember. On the verge of being…

Movie Review: Hall Pass (2011)

The Farrelly brothers hit a high point with Dumb and Dumber (which is kind of sad since that was their debut as filmmakers), but it seems like they’ve been on a downward spiral ever since. There’s Something About Mary was probably more popular and there was a little bit of buzz surrounding Me, Myself, and…

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