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Movie Review: Happythankyoumoreplease (2010)

Ah, New York, the place where thinking people cannot perform any basic function unless they talk about it first. I wonder: Did Woody Allen create this genre, or did he just reflect everyday happenings of his beloved Big Apple? Whatever, his legacy lives on here in this ensemble comedy that tells of the lives and…

Movie Review: Desert Flower (2009)

Based on her autobiography, Desert Flower tells the story of fashion model Waris Dirie from her Somalian roots to the cover of Vogue magazine, highlighting the despicable practice of female circumcision that still continues today. This is not an ordinary topic for a biopic; its sinister theme should make the movie unmissable but under inexperienced…

Movie Review: Applause (2009)

Thea Barfoed, acclaimed stage actress, is an alcoholic, and a nasty one at that. She’s lost her husband to another woman, and has been denied access to her two children for some time. She can hardly complain; she passed out dead-drunk while they were in her care. Now she’s determined to sober up and get…

Movie Review: The Round-Up (2010)

In the early hours of July 17th, 1942, more than 13,000 Jews were taken from their homes in occupied Paris and detained at the Velodrome d’Hiver. They were held there for a few days before being shipped off to a holding site, and finally to the concentration camps, of which only 25 survived. The military…

Movie Review: Mother and Child (2009)

This is a story of three women, and the differing reactions they have to motherhood. First we have a fifty-year old who gave birth at fourteen and gave the child up for adoption. The child grew up to be a successful, albeit detached, lawyer and one who has no intention of being a mother herself….

Movie Review: Four Lions (2010)

Good heavens, and here was I thinking that The Infidel was on dangerous ground. Believe me, it’s got nothing on Four Lions, the new movie from controversial British writer Christopher Morris. This is a comedy concerning four British citizens — three of Pakistani descent, one white — whose ultimate goal is to become suicide bombers….

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