Paul Weitz

Movie Review: Bel Canto (2018)

Music has long been known to bring people together irrespective of language barriers, and few situations require people to come together as crucially as those in which our lives are at stake. Based on a real life hostage incident in Peru, Bel Canto (“beautiful song”) was originally a book written by Ann Patchett about this…

Movie Review: Grandma (2015)

Recipient of a Golden Globes nomination for Best Actress in a musical or comedy, Lily Tomlin (“Grace and Frankie” TV series) may be a bit over-the-top as the tough, outspoken, and cantankerous 70-something Elle in Paul Weitz’ (“Little Fockers”) Grandma, but she is also very funny and very real. If you’ve heard of tough love…

Movie Review: Little Fockers (2010)

Jay Roach’s Meet the Parents was not necessarily an exercise in subtlety; featuring a Jewish male nurse named Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker (played by Ben Stiller) as the film’s protagonist. But audience members and critics alike just ate it up, resulting in a total gross of over $166,000,000. Four years later, an inevitable sequel surfaced, entitled…

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