Deborah Snyder

Movie Trailer: 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

The first taste to the visually stylistic 300: Rise of an Empire, is now available thanks to Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. In it, Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro again), fresh from his victory against Leonidas in “300,” turns his attention to making the rest of Greece bow to his will. Helping him in this lofty goal…

Movie Trailer #2: Man of Steel (2013)

The second trailer for Warner Bros. Man of Steel is a harrowing ordeal. It starts with Clark Kent being a lost soul — he has the internal drive to want to help but his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, thinks otherwise. This conflict tears Clark apart during his formative years but it’s the perfect setup for…

Movie Trailers: Man of Steel (2013)

With one hero franchise ending (“The Dark Knight Rises” is Batman’s farewell), it’s the perfect time to tease on the rebirth of another superhero icon — Warner Bros. has released two teaser trailers their upcoming film Man of Steel. Both trailers are essentially the same just the voiceovers are different (Russel Crowe who plays Jor-El…

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