Mike Karz

Movie Review: Mother’s Day (2016)

Evidently filmmaker Garry Marshall cannot seem to get away from his tediously formulaic playbook of themed movie-making and certainly the tepid and toothless Mother’s Day reinforces this cinematic sentiment. Marshall is determined to exploit these cornball conveyor belt holiday-based movies that shamelessly boast an all-star cast, shallow sentimentality, heavy-handed and forced nuttiness and the gimmickry of…

Movie Trailer: New Year’s Eve (2011)

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Garry Marshall was trying to break the unofficial record he set in “Valentine’s Day” by jamming even more A and B-list actors into his new romantic comedy New Year’s Eve. The ultimate result is they are all a part of your basic multi-threaded movie that intertwines the…

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