Robert Tapert

Movie Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Despite many critics profusely praising Evil Dead on some well-known websites, do not believe any of it. This remake removes any aspect of its 1981 predecessor’s gleefully stupid and frightening exuberance and instead substitutes any real scares for stomach-churning over-the-top violence making this a dull blood-soaked gorefest that bears absolutely no resemblance to the famed…

Red Band Movie Trailer #2: Evil Dead (2013)

The latest trailer for Evil Dead has come online and it, unlike the first trailer, is deserving of its red-band branding. It is for lack of better words: Depraved, bloody and creepy as hell. As well as it should be, since it’s focus is on some hapless young adults who are stuck in a remote…

Red Band Movie Trailer: Evil Dead (2013)

The Necronomicon has returned to wreak horrors upon some new, young flesh! A taste of those horrors was unleashed today by Sony Pictures in the form of a red-band trailer for Evil Dead. Basically, it clearly lays out the premise that anyone who reads from the “Book of the Dead” is going to die a…

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