Britt Robertson

Movie Review: Delivery Man (2013)

What happens when a slouch finds out he has more children than he can count on 100 hands? Well, in director Ken Scott’s world, the result is Delivery Man an underdeveloped, klutzy film that, while full of potential, evaporates quickly amid humorless scenarios and faulty acting from a cast of youngsters who are supposedly adversely…

Red Band Movie Trailer: The Family Tree (2010)

“Embrace the Dysfunction,” is the tagline for the dirtier trailer for The Family Tree which was dropped today by Entertainment One. There’s not much added to this trailer that you couldn’t get from the first one — just a few more sexual innuendos and curse words. But for those who don’t know the premise: The…

Movie Trailer: The Family Tree (2010)

And you thought your family was a dysfunctional mess. Take a look at the Burnett family. They’re majorly screwed up and while everyone in the clan has their respective quirk, the trailer for The Family Tree makes it appear that the mother is the cause of the bulk of the familial issues. But after mom…

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