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Movie Trailer: Maleficent (2014)

Disney has unveiled the first trailer for Maleficent, their prequel of sorts to “Sleeping Beauty” that tells the tale of how the wicked queen came to be. In it, Angelina Jolie, as Maleficent, slinks around the periphery between light and dark while the lovely Aurora (Elle Fanning) frolics and plays with fairies and other woodland…

Movie Trailer: Killer Joe (2011)

What some people wouldn’t do for cash. In Killer Joe dimestore drug dealer Chris puts a hit out on his mother for her life insurance policy and offers up his sister to the hitman as collateral. In his defense, though, if he doesn’t come up with some cash he’s a dead man. But maybe death…

Movie Review: Kaboom (2010)

Kaboom is a celluloid pastry, an instrument of candor, a bundle of youthful fun that inspires even the more soporific among us (I’m looking at you, elderly couple next to me who came to the wrong film and gladly stayed through to the end). In strongly repudiating all the noise over how The Social Network…

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