Michael Angarano

Red Band Movie Trailer: Red State (2011)

No Jay or Silent Bob here. Red State breaks away from Kevin Smith’s comfort zone, representing his first foray into the horror genre. The hook? Extreme Christian fundamentalism in the heartland of America. Three teens find themselves captive of a Waco-like cult intent on changing the world they live in any way necessary. It’s not…

Movie Trailer: The Art of Getting By (2011)

An updated trailer for The Art of Getting By (formerly known as “Homework”) has been made available by Fox Searchlight Pictures. It stars Freddie Highmore as George, the misunderstood boy that has yet to be challenged, and Emma Roberts as Sally, the girl who can peel away George’s shell and force him from his apathetic…

Movie Review: The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

Set in ancient China, The Forbidden Kingdom is a mix of cinematic influences. It stops short of tiresome and of brilliance. It is quality cheese. Nerdy Kung-Fu enthusiast Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano) spends enough time at the local video store to get chummy with the owner Old Hop (Jackie Chan). When Old Hop is attacked,…

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