Moon Bloodgood

Movie Review: The Sessions (2012)

Fittingly, the minuscule indie drama The Sessions, a bitsy biopic about the sexual awakening of iron lung inhabitant Mark O’Brien, is a movie of give and take. The actors give the most, while writer/director Ben Lewin, adapting the story from an article O’Brien wrote, mostly takes. It’s a bit of a dysfunctional relationship in some…

Movie Review: Pathfinder (2007)

Marcus Nispel’s 2007 action adventure, Pathfinder is the story of a tribe of Native American Indians who are under threat from Viking marauders hell-bent on ‘cleansing’ the land of Indians before they settle. The opening montage shows the brutal slaying of a tribe of Indians who literally throw themselves at the mercy of their annihilators,…

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