Pruitt Taylor Vince

Movie Review: Flypaper (2011)

Ah, the bungled bank robbery movie. A movie that could have done with a cameo appearance from Eileen Brennan, Flypaper at least adds a slight kink in its comedy presentation, which results in it being slightly fresher than it perhaps could have been. A bank is being robbed, the heist goes wrong, and the perpetrators…

Movie Trailer: Flypaper (2011)

One bank. Two gangs of bank robbers. Same time and day. That makes for one helluva scenario, especially when crafted in the hands of the boys who wrote “The Hangover.” As the trailer for Flypaper shows, it gets awfully complicated and comical — one gang is made up of professional thieves, the other is a…

Movie Review: Captivity (2007)

Many moons ago I heard some major rumblings about the upcoming movie Captivity. Apparently, there were a few movie posters plastered around that were extremely shocking and horrifying to passer-bys. This coupled with the fact that the very hot Elisha Cuthbert was starring in it caused a major buzz. Cuthbert being held in compromising positions…

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