Richard Brake

Movie Review: The Virtuoso (2021)

The Virtuoso, an edgy, slow-burn thriller directed by Nick Stagliano, hosts an impressive cast of pedigreed actors recognizable from a breadth of film and television appearances. We’re treated to Sir Anthony Hopkins, who, now acting in his 80s, has remarked that he’s having a lot of fun nowadays, choosing from a bin-load of scripts that…

Movie Review: Outpost (2008)

They say war is hell, and this age-old cliché has been exemplified in pretty much every war picture to date. 2008’s Outpost is a film which literalizes this adage, incorporating the horrors of war into a traditional horror picture. Every now and again, a small-time, low-budget horror film comes out of nowhere to catch genre…

Movie Review: Doom (2005)

There is a point where both video game fanatics and film buffs will want to see that neither the movie will try to be too much like the game nor the game too much like the movie . . . Or that the movie be too much like the others before it. But sadly, I…

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