Vincent Regan

Movie Review: Eat Locals (2017)

Eat Locals begins with a group of vampires convening in an English country farmhouse. Like Mafioso, they’re here to discuss their turf. Saucy Vanessa (Eve Myles, “Keeping Faith” TV series) has seduced a young Romany bloke named Sebastian (Billy Cook, “Trespass Against Us”) and introduced him as a potential replacement for a rogue vampire who’s…

Movie Review: Lockout (2012)

Witty retorts have always been part of the Hollywood macho man’s arsenal (see every Schwarzenegger or Stallone flick). Unfortunately, the punch line spewing protagonist in James Mather and St. Leger’s Lockout stands as an obvious — and desperate — attempt to recreate the ‘80s action hero and nothing more. Co-written by Luc Besson (who, in…

Movie Review: 300 (2007)

Where do I begin? After all the initial movie reviews and hype surrounding the opening of 300 what else is there to say? Let me begin, by saying the movie definitely lives up to the fervor surrounding it. You want action? You got it. You want crazy, vivid battle scenes? You got it. You want…

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