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The Critical Movie Critics

Federico is a film buff who's been writing about movies and TV for more than ten years now; he's the founder and editor of He's also a member of the Online Film Critics Society, as well as a Rotten Tomatoes Certified Critic. He lives in Argentina and would love to hear from you!

Movie Review: Phobias (2021)

Conceptual films are always a welcome change from the norm. It takes vision and courage to put together a complex film of this nature and form a whole world without necessarily having to explain it all. Phobias, although an anthology, falls in this category. It has a backdrop that serves as a through subplot that…

Movie Review: The Stylist (2020)

A swift cold caress. A metallic blade skims your scalp. The tender handling of hair. The disadvantage of sitting with your back to someone with a lethal tool. You’re at the mercy of a wild array of possibilities that go from the helpful to the obscure. The introduction to The Stylist is a beautiful presentation…

Movie Review: Hunter Hunter (2020)

When I browse social media I find a very common practice, which is also very curious. People ask about certain kind of movies to watch to suit a particular mood. Sometimes they want to cry themselves to sleep. Other times they want to be scared out of their wits. But if there’s a request that’s…

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