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The Critical Movie Critics

I have an unhealthy obessession with movies, ever since I was a young boy (3 to be exact). Memento is the best movie ever, Stanley Kubrick is the best director, and that's about it. P.S. - I'm a bit of an ass.

Movie Review: Inception (2010)

I don’t think I had ever been so excited to see a movie as I have been for Inception. For starters, it was directed by Christopher Nolan who has made three of the best movies I’ve ever seen: The Prestige, The Dark Knight and, my all time favorite, Memento. He is a master of his…

Movie Review: The Secret In Their Eyes (2009)

When the 2009 Academy Awards happened, there were a lot of shockers. Hurt Locker beating out Avatar, Precious winning best adapted screenplay over Up in the Air. But the biggest shocker for me was the fact that The White Ribbon didn’t win Best Foreign Language Film. I thought the movie was flawless — a masterpiece….

Movie Review: Winter’s Bone (2010)

Winter’s Bone is an unflinchingly gritty Neo-noir thriller. From the trailer it looked absolutely stunning and was high on my list of movies to see this year. Now, after seeing it I can tell you that, while it is a fine film, I wasn’t completely bowled over. Winter’s Bone is about 17 year-old Ree (Jennifer…

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