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The Critical Movie Critics

A few years ago, a good friend of mine started calling me 'Hollywood' because of my love and knowledge of all things movies, and the name just stuck. Movies are my life. I love them so much that when people ask me why I even bother with law school, I reply with my life motto, and a quote from one of my favourite directors: 'I didn't go to film school. I went to films.' -Quentin Tarantino.

Movie Review: The Kings of Mykonos (2010)

It appears Hollywood’s obsession with unnecessary sequels has hit Australian shores, with the recent release of perhaps the most unnecessary of all follow-up films: Kings of Mykonos. Nick Giannopoulos and Vince Colosimo reprise their roles as “Wog Boys” Steve and Frank, who embark on a trip to the beautiful Greek island to claim what is…

Movie Review: Shine a Light (2008)

So we’re going with something a little different this week. In what is the first non-fiction film I’ve ever reviewed, Martin Scorsese gets behind the camera to present a part-concert, part-documentary film chronicling two night shows by iconic band The Rolling Stones at the historic Beacon Theatre in New York City. Although the original plan…

Movie Review: Moon (2009)

Shot on every cent of a five million dollar budget and the directorial debut of Duncan Jones (the son of David Bowie, no less), Moon was without doubt the most underrated and underviewed film of 2009. With an underrated film comes an underrated actor in Sam Rockwell (Frost/Nixon, Iron Man 2) who pairs up with…

Movie Review: Wasted On The Young (2010)

In a word: Intriguing. In a few more, Wasted On The Young is an ardent revenge film that shows substance and style in some areas, but appears to have bitten off more than it can chew in others. This little-known Australian film continues to follow the trend in the local film industry. That is, for…

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