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The Critical Movie Critics

A few years ago, a good friend of mine started calling me 'Hollywood' because of my love and knowledge of all things movies, and the name just stuck. Movies are my life. I love them so much that when people ask me why I even bother with law school, I reply with my life motto, and a quote from one of my favourite directors: 'I didn't go to film school. I went to films.' -Quentin Tarantino.

Movie Review: The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

“I saw The Inbetweeners Movie last night, it was great.” “I’m sorry, the what?” Despite this British sitcom’s surprisingly far-reaching fan base (not a single seat of the four hundred in my cinema was left unoccupied) I still find myself having to explain the show to family members, casual acquaintances and my favorite movie-loving cab…

Movie Review: When You’re Strange (2009)

When legendary frontman Jim Morrison joined The 27 Club in 1971, it is widely believed that he did so while reading one of the earliest unofficial scripts for what would become Platoon, sent to him by director Oliver Stone. Whether or not Jim would have been given the film’s lead role is uncertain. Regardless, Stone…

Movie Review: Abduction (2011)

I did not enjoy Abduction, but not for the reasons you might suspect. While there are many to address, I want to assure you that none of my negative points will verbally lambast lead actor Taylor Lautner just because “he’s that guy from Twilight.” Nor will I make scalding references to his gratuitous lack of…

Movie Review: Senna (2010)

Leaving the cinema after the screening of Senna, the cinephilic documentary of the Formula One driver tragically killed in the prime of his career, I knew I had seen something special. It just took a bit of time to justify, in an articulate manner, just why I had enjoyed it so much. I was impressed…

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