Akiva Schaffer

Movie Review: The Watch (2012)

I have never claimed to be a screenwriter (nor would I even try to), but it seems to me that if The Watch had just been about a group of goofy, inept, over-the-top neighborhood watchmen, then it could have been a much tighter, coherent and interesting endeavor. Under the eye of director Akiva Schaffer (“Hot…

Movie Trailer: Neighborhood Watch (2012)

It’s tough to be cool rolling in a minivan, but the dads in Neighborhood Watch (retitled The Watch), for which the first teaser trailer was released today, almost manage to do it. I mean, c’mon, these guys have a tiger with fiery wings decal on the side of their ride! That logo identifies them as…

Movie Review: Hot Rod (2007)

After a long hiatus from the silver screen, Lorne Michaels and his SNL Studios are once again backing a few of his Saturday Night Live comics in a feature presentation. More often than not, these forays into the unknown produce dismal movies (see “The Ladies Man” and “Superstar”) that become minor hits thanks to Blockbuster…

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