Christopher Nolan

Movie Review: Inception (2010)

I don’t think I had ever been so excited to see a movie as I have been for Inception. For starters, it was directed by Christopher Nolan who has made three of the best movies I’ve ever seen: The Prestige, The Dark Knight and, my all time favorite, Memento. He is a master of his…

Movie Review: The Dark Knight (2008)

Most movies surrounded by as much hype as The Dark Knight usually don’t live up to it. This is one rare and shining example of something that I would call close to cinematic perfection. This summer’s blockbuster is a direct sequel to 2005’s Batman Begins, picking up right where it left off, with a new…

Movie Review: Batman Begins (2005)

Finally, a rendition of Batman that most fans of the comic book would be proud of. At least that was the hope I had when I finally sat down to watch Batman Begins. Let’s start where the producer’s of Batman Begins got it right. Without a doubt, they nailed the persona of Batman. From the…

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