Vincenzo Natali

Movie Review: ABCs of Death 2 (2014)

Sequels, warranted or not, are a mostly foregone conclusion in today‚Äôs cinematic climate. They’re so prevalent, I imagine a checklist of sorts exists that lays out the criteria for a follow-up. It’d be rather simple-minded too, like: Based on a multi-book franchise or video game with a built in audience? Sequel. Made a ton of…

Movie Review: Nothing (2003)

The 1997 Canadian sci fi film Cube, by Vincenzo Natali, was one of the great examples of good writing, good acting, and a limited budget making for an excellent, and thought provoking little film. Unfortunately, its financial success led to two mediocre sequels, neither of which had the verve of the original, and neither of…

Movie Review: Splice (2009)

Frankenstein author Mary Shelley could not have foretold that her gothic tale of an errant scientist who creates a man/monster out of the limbs of dead bodies would become a harbinger of things to come with the emergence in the 21st century of the science of genetic engineering. Instead of stitching together body parts, today’s…

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