Lawrence Grey

Movie Review: Yes Day (2021)

Remember “Yes Man”? The 2008 Peyton Reed directed comedy, starring Jim Carrey, in his last great comedic leading role (in my opinion), as Carl — a man who obstinately says “No” to everything until he met a self-help guru who tells him to switch his “No” to “Yes.” This effectively simple word leads to amazing…

Movie Review: Lights Out (2016)

Unable to sleep one night, young Martin (Gabriel Bateman, “Annabelle”) ventures from his room to investigate some whispering he hears in the hallway. He discovers his mother, Sophie (Maria Bello, “The 5th Wave”), talking in hushed tones to someone in the shadows. She apologizes, asking, “Did we wake you?” and sends him back to bed….

Movie Review: This Is the End (2013)

Wow. Who knew the End of Days would be filled with giant sinkholes, oversexed demons, the proliferation of the “F” word and a cameo appearance by the Backstreet Boys bathed in a thick haze of burnt high-grade weed? And who knew how the final judgment would affect a group of young comic actors, including James…

Red Band Movie Trailer: This is the End (2013)

So as to not let all the footage of their upcoming apocalyptic comedy This is the End go to waste, the boys starring in it (and Sony Pictures) have dropped a red-band trailer for it before the expected end of the world. From it we can deduce, the apocalypse affects young Hollywood as much as…

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