Michael Ellenberg

Movie Review: Prometheus (2012)

Director Ridley Scott returns to his “Alien” roots with Prometheus, a lavish prequel, well done in its visuals and aesthetics, yet somewhat soulless as a whole. And while the plot brings the story of rogue — almost invincible — entities wiping out various interstellar crews full circle, one wonders what the point of the entire…

Movie Trailer #2: Prometheus (2012)

A three-minute long spoilerish trailer for the sci-fi horror pic Prometheus has gone viral today. In it, the alien intelligence that beckoned us (meaning humans) to the farthest reaches of the universe prove to not be friendly. As a matter of fact, it seems they somehow want to use us to repopulate their species and…

Movie Trailer: Prometheus (2012)

In the hands of an ordinary director, the hype surrounding Prometheus would amount to nothing more than a blip on the radar screen. In the hands of Ridley Scott, the man responsible for one of the best sci-fi horror flicks made (Alien), there is a tsunami of interest. In his latest, he explores the origin…

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