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Movie Review: Anonymous (2011)

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s time for a brief lesson on the Bard of Avon — William Shakespeare. Born to a working-class family in early 1560s, and, with a sixth-grade formal education, he began as a successful actor in London. Later, ‘Peare branched out to writing plays, specifically comedies and tragedies. His more famous works, considered…

Movie Trailer: Red Lights (2012)

A teaser trailer for upcoming thriller Red Lights was made available today by Nostromo Pictures. In it, director Rodrigo Cortés (“Buried“) sets the stage for us to question all we know and believe with a few pointed statements and a sinister shot that captures Robert De Niro’s famous scowl. It’s enough to at least pique…

Movie Trailer: Anonymous (2011)

Apparently in some circles (you know, the ones inhabited by “academics and brilliant minds”) there is a raging debate whether the 37 plays and 154 sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare were really written by William Shakespeare. Sounds dry, I know, but I suppose if anyone can make, what on the surface seems uninteresting interesting, Roland…

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