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Movie Review: The Mind’s Eye (2015)

As The Mind’s Eye begins, white lettering on a black screen informs us that in the 1980s, federal funding was approved for private research facilities to study psychokinetic individuals, bringing them to their full potential. As expected, when held against their will in these facilities, those possessed with these abilities revolted against their captors. Next…

Movie Review: Carrie (2013)

Because no one knows Sissy Spacek. That’s the reason Carrie, the classic movie of what happens when bullying meets a hormonal telekinetic, was remade for audiences of 2013. Not because the 1970’s version by Brian De Palma had open, irritable flaws that diminished the Stephen King novel from which it was adapted that needed to…

Movie Trailer: Carrie (2013)

Don’t mess with a troubled telekinetic. It’s solid advice like “don’t piss in the wind” and someone should have given it to the popular kids in Thomas Ewen High School before they went ahead and messed around with Carrie, the titular character in Carrie. Today Screen Gems released a teaser trailer for their horror remake,…

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