Candice Bergen

Movie Review: Home Again (2017)

Surprisingly again, Reese Witherspoon (Lead Actress Oscar winner for “Walk the Line”) has settled for signing on the dotted line to partake in a woefully rudimentary romantic comedy. Usually considered somewhat of a spark plug in her plucky-type of roles (“Legally Blonde” being the most revered), Witherspoon is curiously reduced to playing what amounts to…

Movie Review: Rules Don’t Apply (2016)

One rule that definitely SHOULD apply for Rules Don’t Apply, “Thou shalt not let your main and most interesting character be overshadowed by two supporting actors that have neither the chemistry or the intrigue to carry a short feature, let alone a two-plus hour one.” But, like the moldy 1994 romcom, “I.Q.,” where Walter Matthau’s…

Movie Review: Bride Wars (2009)

I almost choked on my popcorn while watching Bride Wars. It wasn’t because every other minute I was laughing and kernels kept getting lodged in my throat. Nope, it was because I couldn’t believe I was witnessing Anne Hathaway follow up her acclaimed work in Rachel Getting Married with such a terrible performance in such…

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