Will Patton

Movie Review: Megan Leavey (2017)

Movies have been telling stories about dogs in the military since Rin Tin Tin starred in silent films like “A Dog of the Regiment” way back in the 1920s. Those were made-up stories that turned “Rinny” into one of Hollywood’s biggest money-makers of the pre-sound era (supposedly even getting him the most votes for Best…

Movie Review: The November Man (2014)

If you haven’t heard, Pierce Brosnan (“A Long Way Down”) is back as Agent 007 and he’s better than ever . . . well, no, actually that’s misleading and untrue. Brosnan, 61, really has returned to the spy genre, only not as Ian Fleming’s elite spy, but as Bill Granger’s ex-CIA operative Peter Devereaux in…

Movie Review: Meek’s Cutoff (2010)

Establishing a poignant opening scene is the most important aspect of filmmaking and more often than not, otherwise talented screenwriters, directors, and editors underestimate its significance. The introduction of major characters, the picture’s setting, and putting the plot in motion are all elements that must be addressed from the start. In the case of Kelly…

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