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The Critical Movie Critics

Hi! I’m from the country that shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west.

Movie Review: Gleason (2016)

When I first watched Gleason, at the London Film Festival back in October, there was barely anyone there. “Fair enough,” I thought. It was after all, a mid-week, lunchtime showing, and a documentary about an American football player, who few Brits will have ever heard of. By the end of the film though, the dearth…

Movie Review: 7 Years (2016)

In TV, it’s called a bottle episode. Twenty minutes, (or forty, or sixty . . .) that take place on a single set with a limited cast. Though you might struggle to bring one to mind immediately, it’s quite a common occurrence, happening in shows like “Community” (they take real pride in their bottle episodes),…

Movie Review: Best and Most Beautiful Things (2016)

Best and Most Beautiful Things is not the film I thought it would be. When we first meet Michelle Smith, she is 20-years old, though she could easily pass for 12. She is legally blind, (though she can read if her face is right up close to the paper or computer). And she’s been diagnosed…

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