Bérénice Marlohe

Movie Review: Song to Song (2017)

Observing, feeling, thinking, day dreaming, or simply throwing up your hands in exasperation. You may be engaged in all or none of the above when watching Terrence Malick’s (“Knight of Cups”) Song to Song, a dreamlike exploration of love and betrayal. Whatever does come up for you, however, and whether or not you have any…

Movie Review: Skyfall (2012)

Your heart races and the hairs on your arm rise during the requisite action set piece preceding every Bond opening credit roll. Just admit it. In the case of Skyfall, it’s a foot race and a motorcycle chase through the streets and rooftops of Istanbul that culminate on the top of a high speed train…

Movie Trailer: Skyfall (2012)

#23 is here. Well at least the trailer for the 23rd James Bond flick, Skyfall, is here. Plot details are limited; best we know right now is that something (or someone) from the past of “M” comes to the forefront testing Bond’s resolve and loyalty to her and to the program. The trailer is heavy…

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