Daisy Head

Movie Review: Wrong Turn (2021)

2003’s “Wrong Turn” spawned a surprising franchise. Five sequels and this 2021 reboot demonstrate that screenwriter Alan B. McElroy’s premise has (deformed) legs that have continued to provide bloody scares for audiences. After six films in the original continuity, a reboot seems timely and could continue to capitalize on the potential of city people encountering…

Movie Review: Ophelia (2018)

Claire McCarthy’s Ophelia opens with the titular character telling, via voice-over, that she feels it is time that we hear her narrative told from her perspective. This is a promising notion. Many of Shakespeare’s supporting women warrant narratives on their own, and the veracious success that was 2016’s “Lady Macbeth” proves just how potent they…

Movie Review: Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Well, we’ve had “Blood Orchid” and “Blood Feuds” and “Blood Money.” We’ve also had “Blood Rain,” “Blood Brother,” “Blood Orgy” and even “Blood Diamond.” Isn’t it about time we had some good old-fashioned “Blood Wars”? As in Underworld: Blood Wars? Uh, then again, maybe it isn’t. During the prologue for this Anna Foerster directed effort…

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