David Costabile

Movie Trailer: Runner Runner (2013)

Never trust an offshore gambling tycoon, no matter how golden his tongue may be. That’s the life lesson Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) comes to understand the hard way after he gets lured into the fast-paced world of Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) in 20th Century Fox’s thriller Runner Runner. Supposedly inspired by true events (show me…

Movie Review: Side Effects (2013)

Have you ever succumbed to a frightening dream or twisted fantasy where your life slowly falls apart before your own eyes? Well what would happen when you mix these feelings of insecurity with a quelling desperation to mend the bridges that you’ve burned along the way? The answer just may come in the form of…

Movie Trailer: Side Effects (2013)

Something is very wrong with Emily, the lead protagonist/antagonist in Steven Soderbergh’s new thriller Side Effects. What it is, we’re not quite sure of yet, but it has something to do with an experimental drug, a convicted husband, sneaky corporate execs and murder. Tying these facets together is a screenplay by Scott Burns and an…

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