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Movie Trailer #2: Immortals (2011)

A new trailer for Relativity’s Greek epic Immortals has been released. In it is a more fleshed out story outlining the reason for the battle between King Hyperion, his army of banished Titans and those who, backed by the all powerful Gods, resist him (led by the warrior Theseus). The trailer is very well put…

Movie Trailer: Immortals (2011)

It’s ancient times and, once again, the survival of humanity hangs in the balance. No, the Gods aren’t leveling the people because of their blasphemies this time, it’s a power-mad king named Hyperion causing the destruction. In his quest for the Bow of Epirus — a weapon that will even make the Gods of Olympus…

Movie Review: Whatever Works (2009)

“Vintage Woody Allen” would be the most appropriate label for 2009’s Whatever Works, because that’s never been truer. Woody initially wrote this film back in 1977 as a vehicle for Zero Mostel, but the screenplay was set aside when Mostel inconsiderably died before the film could be made. However when Woody’s one-movie-a-year output was placed…

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