Joe Anderson

Movie Trailer: The Grey (2012)

Man vs. Wild is one way to explain Open Road Films’ The Grey, although that’s a simple comparison. After a plane crashes in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, a group of survivors must battle the harsh elements and a pack of hungry grey wolves — some, to say the least, are luckier than others. I’d like…

Movie Review: The Crazies (2010)

The scene: Ogden Marsh, a peaceful Midwestern town of ~1,000 where everyone knows everyone and it is safe to keep the doors unlocked and windows open at night. Certainly not the place one would ever imagine a neighbor ruthlessly killing another. And that is what makes The Crazies all the more creepy. When a plane…

Movie Review: Becoming Jane (2007)

Period pieces. These are the hardest movies to review. Depending on the time frame they’re portraying, they need to remain true to the past — there isn’t a lot of room for error or creative liberties. And depending on the type of movie (biography, historical event) they tend to get long winded and boring. Becoming…

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