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Movie Trailer: Iron Man 3 (2013)

Tony Stark, everyone’s favorite egotistical playboy and savior of the world, is making an appearance in a little movie titled Iron Man 3. Today Marvel and Disney unveiled the first trailer for the blockbuster and it delivers. Due in 2013, the armored superhero (played again by Robert Downey Jr.) supposedly after his “Avengers” adventure, faces…

Movie Trailer: Identity Thief (2013)

It’s said 1 of 10 in the United States has been a victim of identity theft (with online proliferation I think this number will certainly increase). In Universal Pictures’ Identity Thief, Sandy Bigelow Patterson is a victim. The funny thing is Sandy is a guy in Denver and the thief is a woman in Miami….

Movie Review: Couples Retreat (2009)

First time director Peter Billingsley (you may remember him as Ralphie in A Christmas Story) picked the wrong film to make his directorial debut on. Even with big names signed on and a successful raunch-comedy template in place, Couples Retreat fails to deliver the big laughs, hell, if I’m being honest, it pretty much fails…

Movie Review: The Break-Up (2006)

Again, I find myself drawn to one of those lovey-dovey movies that Hollywood simply adores. And more often then not, I find myself scratching my ass wondering what in the hell I was thinking. Guess what — this is another one of those times; but not for the reasons you might think. The Break-Up from…

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