Kelly Lynch

Movie Review: Rock the Kasbah (2015)

To be quite honest, the trailers for the newest Bill Murray vehicle, Rock the Kasbah, did not leave me with a very positive vibe, but as a professional, I never (well, ALMOST never) let a preview color my perception of the whole output, the proof being in the pudding, so to speak. However, after viewing…

Movie Review: Passion Play (2010)

Many a man believes Megan Fox is an angel. Not necessarily one that resides in heaven with a halo over its head, mind you, but more in the you’re in my sexual fantasies kind of way. In Passion Play, Mitch Glazer’s directorial debut, Mrs. Fox combines both elements — she pouts and purses her lips…

Movie Trailer: Passion Play (2010)

Love is intoxicating, especially when, as the trailer of Passion Play depicts, the object of desire is an angel. Nat, a washed-up, tired jazz musician wants to save her (and himself along the way). Happy Shannon, a ruthless gangster and Sam, the owner of the carnival where “The Bird Woman” is the star attraction, wish…

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