Mike Birbiglia

Movie Review: Don’t Think Twice (2016)

Comedy is big business. It can also be a very lucrative business. Many aspiring comics from all walks of life have sacrificed to make it their personal goal to become professional laugh-makers. The world is at their jocular fingertips if and when that elusive break comes down the opportunistic pike. One can imagine the humble…

Movie Review: Sleepwalk With Me (2012)

Two people in a long-term relationship can know practically everything about the other person but still be in the dark about some of the most major issues. In the semi-autobiographical Sleepwalk With Me, Matt and Abby have been together for eight years, ever since their second year of college — they live together, they share…

Movie Review: Your Sister’s Sister (2011)

Even though Your Sister’s Sister is set mostly in the open air of a secluded area of a Puget Sound island, it feels a bit claustrophobic because of the very small cast. There are only three characters who perform 99% of the film’s interactions and there are only so many combinations a screenplay can invent…

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