Rob Brown

Movie Review: Don Jon (2013)

With his directorial debut, Don Jon (for which he was also the screenwriter), Joseph Gordon-Levitt has certainly proven he’s a man of many talents. The film itself is not without its flaws, but for a first venture behind the camera rather than in front of it, Don Jon reminds us that throughout his career, Gordon-Levitt…

Movie Trailer: Don Jon (2013)

I’ve been told (and tend to agree) the internet is really good for just one thing: Instantaneous access to pornography. In Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, Don Jon, the title character suffers from a porn addiction made all the more worse from porn sites like RedTube and xHamster. As a bachelor, it’s not so much a…

Movie Review: The Express (2008)

“21 straight lines, five yards apart. That is a football field. But there are other lines you don’t see that run deeper and wider. All the way through the country, and aren’t part of any game.” Those are the lines that Ernie Davis is forced not to cross due to the prevailing attitude of the…

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