Spencer Locke

Movie Review: Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Few franchises have been as financially successful and beloved as the low budget darling that is Leigh Whannell’s “Insidious” franchise. The initial installment, “Insidious” was praised for it’s vintage, minimalist approach and boasted a $97 million dollar box office gross against a $1.5 million dollar budget. It’s balanced execution of claustrophobic cinematography and traditional jump…

Movie Trailer: Tarzan (2013)

So long as Peter Jackson continues to get motion capture right with his LOTR and Hobbit films, other directors will continue to try to employ it. Such is the case with Reinhard Klooss and his upcoming film, Tarzan. It is probably not the best choice to use it, but he nevertheless does, mixing in elements…

Movie Review: Detention (2011)

I do not know Joseph Kahn. I have no idea what kind of person he is. I would like to assume he’s a pretty square fellow and all, but if his ability to direct a feature-length motion picture were solely based upon what he did with Detention, I would strongly urge him to pursue another…

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