Stacy Martin

Movie Review: The Night House (2020)

A lone woman wakes at night in her expansive house and explores the strange noises that awoke her. The space, familiar and comforting in the day, is cloaked in shadows that sometimes seem to move of their own volition. As the woman searches, shapes shift behind her, until something prompts a sudden jump . ….

Movie Review: Nymphomaniac Volume One (2013)

Throughout his career, Lars Von Trier has made a name for himself as one of this generation of filmmakers’ premiere provocateurs. However, there is some debate as to whether or not that’s all he is with an equal amount of people seeing him as a shameless shock merchant as those who believe him to be…

Red Band Movie Trailer: Nymphomaniac (2013)

Whether you like him or not, Lars von Trier certainly knows how to push the boundaries of what many consider bad taste. And just by looking at the title of his latest effort, Nymphomaniac, audiences should quickly realize he has no plans of slowing down. Reuniting with the controversial director is Charlotte Gainsbourg (“Antichrist“) in…

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