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The Critical Movie Critics

Among other things, it's fun being a horror geek!

Movie Review: Daniel Isn’t Real (2019)

A mixture of harsh industrial sounds and dreamier synth beats power into the room as neon shapes move kaleidoscope-like before our eyes. This is Daniel Isn’t Real, an immersive experience bathed in sound and visuals. We open to a shot of the cosmos which then dissolves into a present-day coffee shop; a juxtaposition of the…

Movie Review: The Good Liar (2019)

In a phenomenal pairing, two powerhouses of the British stage join forces for a film which depicts the disastrous consequences that occur when their lives unexplainably intertwine. Ian McKellen (“All Is True”) is Roy Courtney, a man with a murky past and plenty of questionable connections. After arranging to have dinner with Betty (Helen Mirren,…

Movie Review: The Circle (2017)

A group of students entering into the shady confines of the woods is a familiar horror premise that we all recognize, not least of all in what has become the very embodiment of the idea; “The Blair Witch Project.” However, Peter Callow’s The Circle manages to keep its own sense of originality whilst drawing from…

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