Andrew Spaulding

Movie Review: Truth (2015)

Perhaps naming a motion picture Truth is opening the door to criticism over the real validity of its contents — more so when the film is based on true events and events that are still relevant in the public conscious, no less. But regardless of some of its debatable content, James Vanderbilt’s directorial debut admirably…

Movie Review: The Ward (2010)

The mental institution is a great location for nearly all movie types, but none more so than the horror or thriller genre. Isolation, deeply disturbed patients and or a sadistic doctor are several cornerstones that can be explored. And using some of these staples, John Carpenter, emerging from a ten year hiatus from movie making,…

Movie Trailer: The Ward (2010)

Some may say the better days of horror pioneer John Carpenter (“Halloween”) are behind him. From the domestic trailer for The Ward it’s hard to say whether he’s returned to form or not (early festival reviews are a mixed bag) but it is good to at least see him in the director’s chair again, back…

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