Diablo Cody

Movie Review: Tully (2018)

Each time that screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman team up, they create a singular female character that walks onscreen feeling fully formed and armed with lots to say. First it was Ellen Page’s precocious pregnant teen in “Juno,” then it was Charlize Theron’s perpetually perturbed author Mavis Gary in “Young Adult,” and now…

Movie Review: Young Adult (2011)

High school: You either loved it or you hated it. If you were a star athlete, gorgeous cheerleader, or the kid who had an open house and unmatched access to alcohol, I’m sure you’ve nothing but fond memories. Personally, as a dork, I don’t miss it in the slightest, yet, embarrassingly enough, I still wonder…

Movie Trailer: Young Adult (2011)

Let’s face it, no one is exactly young in Paramount Pictures’ Young Adult — one of them just acts like a snobby prom queen. That one in particular is Mavis Gary, a woman who returns to her small hometown (where she isn’t exactly remembered fondly) to reclaim her high school sweetheart. He, unfortunately, is married…

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