Mark Ciardi

Movie Review: Chappaquiddick (2017)

A part of the town of Edgartown, Massachusetts is a small island on the eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard known as Chappaquiddick. It’s famous because on July 18, 1969, a 1967 Oldsmobile carrying U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Jason Clarke, “Mudbound”), then 36, and Kennedy staffer Mary Jo Kopechne (Kate Mara, “Megan Leavey”), 28, plunged…

Movie Review: Invincible (2006)

It’s been a while since there has been a worthwhile feel-good movie released into the theaters. Last ones that come to mind are “Rudy,” “Lucas” and who can forget, “Rocky.” “Seabiscuit” doesn’t count. Interestingly enough, the plot of Invincible follows amazingly close to “Rocky.” A Philadelphia son, down on his luck (no money, no wife,…

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